Arica Hart, Arica G


Founder of Inveigle Magazine & Styles by Arica Beauty Blog

Arica Hart, Arica G
She is previously known as Arica Hart (Arica G). Arica Green (Arica G) is the Founder of Inveigle Magazine and Styles by Arica Beauty Blog
  Always remember, Nothing is Impossible – Arica Green-Arica G

Hi! I am the Founder and Editor of Inveigle magazine and Styles by Arica Beauty Blog. I also have a podcast.

Inveigle Magazine is an online publication bringing interesting content to the nation on a variety of topics; including Fashion, Beauty, Hair, Fitness, Love, Motivation, Food, Social Sciences and more.

Chic Styles and Fashion| Styles by Arica Beauty Blog is a beauty blog on mostly hairstyles and hair care with a little fitness, Fashion, and motivation.

Feel free to visit Inveigle Magazine and  Styles by Arica Beauty Blog !

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Arica Green (Arica G): Digital Marketing

Arica has a degree in Management and Marketing. To find out more about advertising services by Arica Green – Arica G, Check out  Digital Marketing.

Inveigle Magazine Topics

Check out a variety of topics on Inveigle Magazine & listen to our podcast also.


Visit  Inveigle Magazine and  Styles by Arica Beauty Blog!

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